Cash Free Parking

No loose change, no problem!

You don't need to search for loose change when you park on Council car parks in Stafford and Stone. This is because we've introduced a new cashless parking "Pay by Phone" system called Dash Cashless Parking.

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking in the Borough. Instead of having to put money in a pay and display machine, you can use your mobile phone.

See below for the car parks that currently offer cashless parking.

Stafford Car Parks

Car Park Name Code 
Civic Centre - Variable Stay 0430 
Tenterbanks - Variable Stay  0431 
Castle Hill - Variable Stay  0432 
Lammascote Gyratory - Long Stay 0433 
Doxey Road C2 - Long Stay 0436 
Doxey Road C1 - Long Stay  0437 
Doxey Road C3 - Long Stay  0438 
Broad Street - Short Stay  0440 
Stafford Leisure Centre - Short Stay 0443 
Gaol Road - Long Stay  0434  
Lorry Coach Park 0448

Stone Car Parks 

Car Park Name Code 
Crown Street - Short Stay 0444 
Christchurch Way - Variable Stay 0445 
Westbridge Park - Short Stay  0446 
Westbridge Park - Long Stay  0447 

What are the benefits?

  • You don't need to carry loose change to pay for parking.
  • You can extend your payment at the touch of a button if you are running late returning to your car.
  • The "pay by phone" system gives mobile phone and tablet users for example - a simple and flexible way of paying by credit or debit card.
  • You can use Dash Parking in other car parks nationwide, including airports, train stations and shopping centre.

How do I register?

To use the system, all you have to do is:

  • Visit the Dash Parking sign up and click the orange 'register' button. You'll be taken to an online form where you'll be asked to enter your address, car registration number, mobile phone number and payment details.
  • You can also sign up by calling 0333 123 1984.
  • After registering, you'll receive an email and text message confirming your registration.
  • Once registered, visit one of the selected car parks and just follow the instructions on the signs next to the pay machines and in the car park, and you'll be able to pay for your parking using your phone.

How do I pay?

By Text:
Send a text message to 80010 in the following format:


So to park at the Civic Centre short stay for two hours, your text would be: PARK 0430 0200, and to park at The Lammascote Gyratory long stay, your text would be: PARK 0433 2400.
By iPhone or Android smartphones:
Download and use the 'Dash' application available at both the App Store and the Android Marketplace (Google Play) 
Visit Dash Parking, login and pay via the website
By Phone:
You can also pay by calling 0333 123 1984

Do I need to display a ticket?

You don't need to display a traditional paper ticket on your dashboard when you use Dash Parking as all our Civil Enforcement Officers carry a hand-held computer.

When they see a car without a ticket, they enter the car's registration number into their computer, and it will tell them whether the driver has paid for parking using Dash Parking.

Transaction charges

The amount that Dash charges is different from the displayed tariff.
By using Dash there will be a separate booking fee and additional charges for receiving SMS text messages which are added to the tariff amount. These are displayed locally at each parking location.
When you use the service you will be charged an additional 20p for the convenience of using the service (10p booking fee and 10p  confirmation text).
If you register for the reminder text option, you will also be charged an additional 10p for each text message reminder you receive.
You will be able to view and download all your transaction via your personal account on the Dash Parking website.

Is it secure?

The Dash Parking payment system is compliant with the payment card industry standard PCI DSS v1.2.1. If you want to find out more visit the Dash Parking website.

Tel: 01785 619401
Fax: 01785 619613
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