Beaconside to Derrington Cycle Route

The Beaconside to Derrington Cycle Route is an ideal way to get into Stafford town centre from both the north and west of the town.  It is a traffic free route for most of its length and passes through some of Stafford's most idyllic settings.

The Route Starts from The Haybarns, just off Sandon Road at he junction with Beaconside, and passes along the disused railway line.  Access can be gained from Astonfields Balancing Lakes (an area noted for its wildlife), Common Road. and Drummond Road.  There is also an access from the new housing off Cooperative Street and from Stone Road via Stafford Common, which is adjacent to the route.  Between Stone Road and Eccleshall Road. access is via Izaac Walton Street.

The Route then passes through Doxey Marshes Nature Reserve.  Access can be gained via the Nursery Lane cycleway and Greyfriars Industrial Estate.  This linked to a cycle route from/ to Gaol Square.  The Route then passes round to Sainsbury's or across Doxey Road (take care here) to North Castle Street and through Castletown to Castle Street.  Follow the route over the humped back bridge to Martin Drive, turn right and go straight on at the roundabout.  Now follow the farm road (please note: this is a private road and cyclists should dismount) until a cycle gate on the right onto another disused railway line.  This is the Stafford Greenway.

About a mile and a half from here, you will reach Derrington, where you will find the fabulous Millennium Green, Duddas Wood, as well as the Playing Field by St Matthew’s Church, where there is some lovely new children’s play equipment!

From Derrington, The Greenway stretches out past Haughton, Gnosall and then onwards - all the way to Newport!

The route is approximately 4 miles.  From Beaconside to Sainsbury's is 1.7 miles and Derrington to Sainsbury's is 2.3 miles - both ideal cycling distances for work, school, shopping or leisure.

Beaconside to Derrington Cycle Route Map

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