Haywood and Hixon

There are currently two Councillors for Haywood and Hixon Ward - contact details can be found under "Councillors in this Ward" below.

Haywood and Hixon Ward Map (pdf 3mb)

Contact Details

Ward Name: Haywood and Hixon

Councillors in this Ward

Below is a list of the councillors in this ward.
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Stewart Learoyd Alan J Perkins
Stewart Learoyd
E-mail: slearoyd@staffordbc.gov.uk
13 Pool Lane Brocton Stafford
ST17 0TR
Elected: 07/05/2015
Party: Conservative Party
Alan J Perkins
E-mail: aperkins@staffordbc.gov.uk
Grimaud, 26 High Chase Rise, Little Haywood, Stafford
ST18 0TY
Elected: 01/05/2003
Party: Conservative Party

Parishes in this Ward

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