17/18 Committee Meetings

The Council's municipal year runs from May to May.  You can find links to previous municipal years on our Minutes and Agendas webpage.

The Council records and publishes all agenda and minutes from Council and Committee meetings.                        

By law, the Council must produce an accurate record of all decisions taken and recommendations made by the Council and its Committees and Panels. Depending on the type of committee or panel, minutes may appear in note form. For the quasi-judicial and decision-making committees and panels, they take the more traditional form.

The following list includes Agenda and Minutes of meetings involving Elected Members.

The documents are available to download. Alternatively, if you would like to receive a copy, please use the contact details opposite. 

Date of Meeting  Meeting  Documents Available 
Wednesday 25 October 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 2mb)
Friday 6 October 2017 Digest  Digest No 236 (pdf 1.6mb)
Wednesday 18 October 2017 Licensing Sub Committee (2.00pm)  Agenda (pdf 105kb) 
Thursday 5 October 2017 Cabinet (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 377kb)
Minutes (pdf 68kb)
Wednesday 4 October 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 2.6mb) 
Thursday 21 September 2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.4mb)
Minutes (pdf 56kb)
Tuesday 19 September 2017 Council (7.00pm)  Agenda (pdf 476kb) 
Minutes (pdf 106kb)
Wednesday 13 September 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.4mb)
Minutes (pdf 200kb)
Monday 11 September 2017  Special Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.00pm)  Agenda (pdf 361kb) 
Minutes (pdf 104kb)
Tuesday 5 September 2017 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm) Agenda (pdf 2.2mb) 
Minutes (pdf 100kb)
Friday 1 September 2017 Digest  Digest No 235 (pdf 8.2mb) 
Thursday 31 August 2017 Cabinet (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 10.4mb)
Minutes (pdf 64kb)
Wednesday 23 August 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1mb)
Minutes (pdf 85kb)
Tuesday 22 August 2017 Economic Development and Planning Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.2mb)
Minutes (pdf 1.1mb)
Thursday 17 August 2017 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 2.6mb) 
Minutes (pdf 111kb)
Monday 14 August 2017 Special Planning Committee (11.00am) Agenda (pdf 294)
Minutes (pdf 183kb)
Monday 14 August 2017 Planning Committee - Site Visit - (10.30am) Agenda (pdf 534)
Minutes (pdf 123kb)
Friday 4 August 2017  Digest   Digest No 234 (pdf 5.5mb) 
Thursday 3 August 2017 Cabinet (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.1mb) 
Minutes (pdf 154kb)
Wednesday 2 August 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.5mb) 
Minutes (pdf 180kb)
Tuesday 25 July 2017  Council (7.00pm)  Agenda (pdf 486kb)
Minutes (pdf 79kb)
Wednesday 19 July 2017 Special Planning Committee (Additional Meeting) (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.7mb)
Minutes (pdf 167kb)
Thursday 13 July 2017 Joint Resources Scrutiny Committee and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee - 13 July 2017 (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 36kb) 
Minutes (pdf 29kb)
This meeting was not recorded
Wednesday 12 July 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 3mb) 
Minutes (pdf 186kb)
Friday 7 July 2017 Digest  Digest No 233 (pdf 4mb) 
Thursday 6 July 2017 Cabinet (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.6mb)
Minutes (pdf 75kb)
Tuesday 4 July 2017 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 7.7mb)
Minutes (pdf 49kb)
Monday 3 July 2017  Special Planning Committee
(12 noon) 
Agenda (pdf 357kb)
Minutes (pdf 45kb) 
Monday 3 July 2017 Planning Committee Site Visit (1.15pm) Agenda (pdf 1.3mb) 
Minutes (pdf 74kb)
Tuesday 27 June 2017 Economic Development and Planning Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 3mb)
Minutes (pdf 43kb)
Wednesday 21 June 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 768kb) 
Minutes (pdf 102kb)
Tuesday 20 June 2017 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1.6mb) 
Minutes (pdf 102 kb)
Thursday 15 June 2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 4.8mb) 
Minutes (pdf 171kb)
Monday 12 June 2017 Special Planning Committee (1) (11.00am)  Agenda (pdf 473kb) 
Minutes (pdf 175kb)
Monday 12 June 2017  Special Planning Committee (2) (11.30am) Agenda (pdf 216kb) 
Minutes (pdf 181kb)
Friday 2 June 2017 Digest Digest No 232 (pdf 3.3mb) 
Monday 5 June 2017 Licensing Sub Committee (10.00am)  Agenda (pdf 46kb)
Minutes (pdf 148kb)
This meeting was not recorded
Thursday 1 June 2017 Cabinet (6.30pm)  Agenda (pdf 1mb)
Minutes (pdf 71kb)
Wednesday 31 May 2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm) Agenda (pdf 1.5mb)
Minutes (pdf 200kb)
Monday 22 May 2017 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)  Agenda (pdf 28kb)
Minutes (pdf 100kb)
There is no recording available 
Saturday 13 May 2017 Annual Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am) Agenda (pdf 40kb)
Minutes (pdf 152kb)
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